About Us

In 1985, we stepped into the knitwear sector with women's, men's, children's, and baby clothing products. Our company has been exporting ready-made clothing and apparel products to the United States and European Union countries since the day we were founded with our perspective that shapes fashion. We carry out our work in accordance with European Union Standards. With our sustainability policy, we are working for a more livable green world. Sustainability is our basic policy in production. We are striving to leave a cleaner and more livable world to new generations on this path that we set out with the idea of zero waste.

Kerem Moda INC. works for 100% customer satisfaction with its experienced and devoted employees. Thanks to the company policy, it has a profile that uses years of experience to be the representative of quality and stability. Thanks to its know-how, it has made its name known in the domestic and foreign markets by developing its research and development activities and successful sales and marketing skills.

Our aim is to make stylish, modern and ostentatious ready-to-wear products for the world's leading ready-made clothing brands from Turkey. We continue to progress steadily on this path to promote our country to the world. For this, we produce fast and perfect ready-to-wear products with our high-volume production facility, our R&D employees who follow the latest fashion, and our producer friends who know the value of time.

Our company has a 2000m2 workshop in a 3-storey building in Istanbul Beylikdüzü. The monthly total production capacity of our company is 350,000 units and this number is increasing day by day with the agreements we made with our business partners. Our company continues on its way with approximately 400 workers, together with textile apparel production and external workshop employees. The company has the following departments:

  • Planning
  • Model Shop
  • Sample Sewing
  • Cutting
  • Ironing & Package
  • Export

Our company is one of the few successful ready-made knitwear companies that are both leading in the domestic market and exporting. It has doubled its annual turnover in 2021, reaching a turnover of approximately 100 million TL.

We are a successful ready-made clothing company that has shown itself in various markets such as Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Arabia and France. We provide knitwear manufacturing and production services to the whole world. We would like to state that we will be proud to meet you and to shape fashion together.