We are manufacturing 350.000 pieces of ready-made garments every month from a sustainability perspective. Among these products, there are men's, women and kids' clothing. With our huge production team, we are working professionally in every stage of production. Our planning, model shop, sample sewing, cutting, ironing & package, and export departments continue their work by integrating the latest technology into the products. We always follow technological developments on the path of sustainability. We strive to leave a more livable world for the future.

Our company has developed its customer potential more and more with each passing day, with years of knowledge and experience. Our company, which builds brand trust and has many customers all over the world, successfully manufactures for both domestic and foreign markets. We are developing our production area by following the developments in Europe and the world, and we appeal to all segments with a holistic production approach in a global sense. With the advantageous price guarantee, you can find the best quality and the best price wholesale with Kerem Moda Textile INC. We are here to produce your desires.  Contact us to add more value to your brand with our products.


We are using the latest technology manufacturing machines on the production line. With our cutting-edge sewing, cutting, and processing machines, we increase the quality of the production line day by day. We aim to offer you long-lasting and quality ready-made clothing products. Together with our professional staff, we offer you clothes suitable for all sizes, in regular sizes, without sewing errors.

We produce products such as tracksuits, top and bottom suits, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and trousers, which are the basic clothing materials needed by the textile industry. You can see some of our products in the gallery section. We determine the fabric suitable for the products you want and after your approval, we make production. We get your approval after we send the samples to you. After making the necessary corrections, we start wholesale production. After packaging, we deliver your products to you quickly, on time, and without any problems.

Our company produces brand-specific ready-made clothing. We have a special production workshop for the leading luxury brands in Turkey and Europe. We contribute to the dynamism of brands with efficient collaborations with technical consultants, designers, and machine technologists. The products, which are prepared in line with the demands of the customers, are produced in the desired quantities with superior quality. Please contact us to get detailed information about our company's ready-made garments production process.

Cutting Department

The fabrics to be manufactured are determined in the cutting department. Here it is cut according to the desired patterns. Thanks to our high-standard, zero-defect cutting machines, perfect patterns are produced. It is our aim to prevent occupational and worker accidents by taking superior safety measures for our employees. We always provide a safe work environment for our employees. After cutting, which is one of the most important stages of production, the fabrics are sewn.

Model Shop

In our model shop, the sewing of the products whose patterns are prepared is carried out. With our high-quality sewing machines, the products are produced to a high standard. Modalhane is one of the most important phases of manufacturing. The products made are available here. After the models to be manufactured are determined, all of the processes are carried out in the model shop. After production, all products go through the quality control process and are sent to you after being ironed and packaged.

Iron & Packaging

In the iron and packaging department, the quality controls of the sewn products are carried out and ironed. The products get their final form in the ironing and packaging department. Here, excess fabric and yarn after production are cut. Product patterns and sizes are checked. Each customer's product is differentiated. After being ironed, the products are carefully packaged and sent to you.